Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Europe Trip 2012

I thought i'd share some pictures of my europe trip from this summer. I was travelling through England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Spain and France for two months with my boyfriend, Connor. It was absolutely incredible. I loved all the history in the buildings and towns and all the amazing people I met a long the way!

These are just a few of the 2000 other pictures that were taken on the trip! Every country was completely different from the other which was an awesome experience. My favourite place by far was Greece. It was breathtaking. I have never seen a more beautiful place in my life. Spain was definitely second on the list. We stayed in Barcelona the whole time and it was so cool with all the man made beaches with fake sea shells all over and the nicest water with gold specks throughout! Such a modernized city. Also, every style of clothing was different in every country. My favourite was London  because all girls would wear the high wasted short shorts with a baggy tank top tucked in and high sock buns :) I hope you enjoyed and are now thinking of planning a trip to Europe!