Friday, 3 August 2012

So since we are coming close to the end of summer.. :(... I'd love to share some of my favourite pieces that have been quite popular over the couple months. A lot of the style consists of oversized baggy shirts paired with a tight pair of shorts or skirt along with a long-chained necklace and a full wrist (or both) of bracelets. This is by far my favourite look this season. You can wear it on so many occasions because it is so versatile. It gives you the whole "layed-back girl" clashed with "put-togetherness girl" if that is even a word! Hopefully you get what I mean! ALSO.. I am a absolute huge fan of the bun on the top of the head! I usually have my hair like this on lazy occasions or when I am in school and exam week is coming, it's my only hairstyle! You can make it so elegant or so messy and it will still look awesome with this summer look of a baggy shirt and tighter bottoms. There are a few more other looks i adore that I have shared :)